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Let's Play the Feud!

Who loves icebreakers? We sure don't - and we don't know anyone who does - which is why we won't have any on the PromoCruise. However, we still want to give everyone a chance to really get to know one another in a fun environment. So, what does this mean? It means that after the supplier and distributor mastermind meetings on Tuesday morning, we will be playing PromoCruise Feud!

It will be easy, fun, and painless. Simply fill out the questionnaire below and remember to ask people during the event (especially during the one-on-ones) the same question so you can be fully prepared to win! Heck, the winning team might even get some prizes to help them commemorate the event for years to come!

Let's Play PromoCruise Feud!

Thank you and don't forget to pay attention on the ship!

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