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On a Ship

Creating Business Bonds One Promocation at a Time

Let's face it, the same networking format in the same locations, using the same schedule, year after year feels a little tired and forced. Okay, a LOT tired and forced! At Promocations, we are dedicated to creating genuine experiences in amazing settings and at a comfortable pace that does more than cultivate relationships, it create bonds that last a lifetime.

Instead of sitting in a dingy hotel room all day giving the same sales pitch, how about having conversations over cocktails while cruising to the Bahamas? Rather than going to dinner after a day of meetings, how about creating a bond over a campfire while waiting to eat amazing barbecue? Rather than scanning badges in a booth, how about making meaningful connections while you have a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand in Los Cabos? Like you, we know the strongest bonds at any event are forged while experiencing life together. 


This is what Promocations delivers. We intentionally set the table for both professional and personal connections to flourish in a low-key, relaxed environment. 

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