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About us

It's a fact that the best memories made at networking events happen OUTSIDE of the actual event. You know, those after-hour collisions where you are laughing non-stop while making new friends, crafting inside jokes, and creating memories that will be discussed in legendary form for decades to come.


We love doing business with people that we genuinely care about and like. We love supporting the people beyond their professional image: their spouses, kids, dreams, and their real lives outside the usual 9 to 5. 

As legend has it, our co-founders were swapping stories about the promotional products industry one night over flame-kissed meat and a few cocktails. During their conversation, they realized that they had attended just about every size, shape, and type of networking event. While all had their merit, they noticed a common theme: all the good parts - the real relationship building - took place away from the event. In fact, most of the time the event almost felt like an obligation, tacked on, predictable, or even flat-out boring. 


They knew there had to be a better way...and Promocations was born.

As they continued the conversation, they asked a simple question: Wouldn't it be far more productive for suppliers and distributors to network in a more natural, organic, and casual environment to create lifelong bonds through memorable experiences - to get right to the part of the event where relationships are genuinely forged? Of course the answer is yes. They knew few ever remembered the keynote speaker or the alarmingly similar venues, but people always recalled what happened OUTSIDE the scheduled meetings: the interactions at lunch, at the cocktail table before dinner, and during the late-night shenanigans and tomfoolery. This is why they created:

  • PromoCruise - No reason to be in some stuffy hotel you've been to a dozen times when you can have REAL conversations while you cruise the Caribbean!

  • PromoQue - Who wants to eat at the same restaurant for the tenth time when you can sit around a campfire while enjoying hickory smoked chicken or brisket?

  • PromoCation - Beaches, mountains, resorts....we know there are no better places for relaxed networking.


So, there you have it - an 83% accurate story of Promocations' origins. To get the remaining 17%, you'll need to ask them on a Promocation.

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