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PromoCruise - Suppliers

Greetings suppliers and service providers! We did it on the sea and now we are doing it on land: we've taken the best part of networking events and MADE it the event! On a Promocation, you can expect to be introduced to top-tier distributors in the promotional products industry in a relaxed, memorable, and fun atmosphere. Promocations was created to forge professional and personal bonds that will last a lifetime. 

This event is slightly different than the PromoCruise in that any qualifying distributor willing to pay their own way to attend is welcome - along with their plus one.

While distributors who are invited by suppliers will make up the lion's share of the attendees, we have made sure there's room for those distributors who are eager to experience a Promocation!  To get started, just fill out the contact form below and pertinent details will be emailed to you! If you don't get that email in about five minutes, please check your spam folder.

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